WSM Portfolio Balanced

It is a well-balanced portfolio that from all spectrum of possible ways selects the optimal trading strategy. Chosen "golden mean" is reflected in the results of this portfolio and provides an interesting assessment that brings interesting profit with appropriate level of risk.

The Balanced Portfolio structure

This portfolio consists of 7 WSM robots. All of them follows same goal - profit. Part of this portfolio is also Event Horizon that operates on the basis of artificial intelligence.

  • 1 x WSM Conservative
  • 1 x WSM Aggressive
  • 1 x WSM Standard 1
  • 3 x WSM Standard 2
  • 1 x WSM Event Horizon

Realistic evaluation of deposit 4550 USD (cumulative)

Results in the portfolio may be different from forex robots trading because the portfolio can trade with different deposit amount.

Portfolio performance statistics in a reference period

WSM Portfolio Balanced


WSM Portfolio Balanced consists of the following robots


WSM Conservative

Conservative - 1x.
WSM Conservative robot focuses primarily on the slow currency pairs and realizes usually the smallest number of trades of all our WSM robots annually. Trade positions are usually open from a few weeks to a few months. It is specialized in long term market movements. Successful trades are several times larger than any losing trades.

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WSM Standard 1

This robot is set to act between Conservative and Aggressive robot. This method of trading performs well in almost every WSM portfolio. Standard 1 trades more fluctuating currency pairs and that is why it is closer to the robot Aggressive.

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WSM Aggresive

Aggressive - 1x.
Robot WSM Aggressive trades mainly the most fluctuating and fastest moving currency pairs. It is characterized by higher amount of trades and aggressive money management. Trade positions are usually open from few hours to few days.

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WSM Standard 2

Robot Standard 3 - 1x.
This robot is set to act between a Conservative and Aggressive robot. This robot acts similarly to Standard 1, by focusing on fluctuating currency pairs and is a pillar in every WSM portfolio.

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WSM Event Horizon

Event Horizon - 1x.
The first WSM robot with artificial intelligence that nonstop monitors the situation on all markets. Carefully analyzes the situation with regard to maximum returns and minimize risks. Thanks to artificial intelligence it is able to learn by itself, repairs wrong codes and evolves constantly.

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Results of individual robot trades in percentage