WSM Commodity General

Commodity General is a financial software based on the most advanced robot with artificial intelligence – AI4. It can individually analyze market developments and finds profitable trading opportunities. Instructions to buy or sell are generated automatically without any emotion at the right time. Its goal is to maximize successful trading opportunities in the commodities market.


• isolates potential winning trades
• trades are realized through options
• trades 24 hours, 5 days a week
• artificial intelligence trades without emotion around the clock
• monitors several markets simultaneously


This system utilizes information from the commodity and capital markets and, based on this data, anticipates successful trades. The system then executes the trades though differential contracts (CFDs). With this method, the system is able to buy and sell a wide range of commodities, including gold, silver, rice, coffee, oil, natural gas, and more.



Thanks to continuous price movements, the commodity markets create high yield potential for the robot to take advantage of. Any successful trades are closed and the next trade is made with the available margin plus the previous gains. This helps to achieve higher yields with every trade.



The uniqueness of the robot Commodity General underlines the fact that all its trades are hedged against losses with contractual guarantee called options. This guarantee is provided to all clients by World Systems Market, Inc. In practice it means that if Commodity General will generate loss after trading, this loss will be fully compensated to the client. In this case the client implements so-called nonnegative profit.                     

* Contracts for difference (CFD) - Contracts for differences are among the most widely used trading instruments. CFD are financial derivatives that allow investors to benefit from increase or decrease in the price of underlying financial instruments. The robot which trades CFD contracts realizes a gain on asset price movements, which may be currency pairs, stocks or commodities.



Realistic evaluation of deposit 500 USD (cumulative)