WSM Artificial Intelligence 4

Forex robot is an automated trading system (financial software) that can independently analyze developments in the capital markets, searches trading opportunities and is based on pre-defined trading strategies generates instructions to buy or sell currency pairs on FOREX market.

The flagship for WSM forex robotics confirms its privileged position in the fleet not only in absolute numbers, but also in statistical data. AI4 WSM is designed for experienced clients who already own a minimum of 4 connected WSM robots from basic series and 5 WSM Event Horizon robots.

WSM AI4 is the most advanced robot with an artificial intelligence and with the largest number of operating units. It is programmed to correct the wrong codes not only to himself, but also to other WSM robots. The forex inputs are not based only on the basis of information from the capital markets, but also reflects the current value of the relevant commodities.

WSM AI4 trades all primary and secondary currency pairs.

Realistic evaluation of deposit 650 USD (cumulative)

Forex robot is an automated trading system, a program based on the use of certain algorithms that searches for the appropriate market situations, which are subsequently traded.


Results of individual robot trades in percentage