• Launch of Forex Robot WSM Corporal


  • Launch of Forex Robot WSM Commodity General


  • World Systems Market, Inc. has launched new WSM robot with unique 5D matrix to prevent the copying its inputs and outputs
  • Every WSM robot has dedicated a personified code for accurate identification
  • The interpretation of European legislation was clarified and it allows re-launch of the Forex robot licenses in the EU


  • Jiri Kubicek becomes the sole shareholder of World Systems Market, Inc.


  • World Systems Market, Inc. moves headquarters to New York to unify control departments


  • Temporary suspension of Forex robot licenses sales on the EU territory based on requirements of European legislation
  • Launching of Commodity Plus robot license with 3D matrix



  • New 5D matrix for WSM robots developed


  • WSM Group adds Visual Trading Systems LLc to its umbrella of companies
  • WSM Group establishes European training center in Bezdruzice (CZ)


  • To protect our clients trading of robots was hidden due to copying


  • Divestitures of World Systems Market LLc to World Systems Market INC.
  • World Systems Market LLc enters the Russian market



  • WSM International Broker Ltd. is established with its headquarters in Saint Vincent and Grenadines


  • Launch of robot Artificial Intelligence  4 license with 3D matrix


  • Institutional offering goes live


  • The first sales presentation in Hong Kong, launching a WSM robot license in Asia


  • Cooperation with the brokerage company Instaforex terminated



  • First WSM robot with artificial intelligence, Event Horizon, launches
  • WSM Investment a.s. company established with its headquarters in the Czech Republic
  • WSM Investments a.s. based a subsidiary WSM Brokers Ltd., headquartered in Cyprus. The company is licensed as the second degree securities trader and it is regulated in Cyprus.


  • World Systems Market LLc enters the Hungarian and Polish Market


  • WSM Bohemia s.r.o. headquartered in Benesov, Czech Republic, launches training center


  • World Systems Market LLc enters the EU market and begins selling trading robotics within the EU territory


  • World Systems Market LLc is established and headquartered in Florida, USA


  • Sales department begins selling trading robotics to end clients in USA


  • 3D programming matrix for WSM Robots is created


  • Partners began to trade in the capital market with the help of robots with 2D matrix


  • The first matrix for future WSM robots was created


  • Corporation of developers and future founders of company World Systems Market LLc was launched. The beginning of trading on capital markets with its own robotics

Company history

History of World Systems Market, Inc. begins in 2006, when four developers and future co-founders of the company begin to cooperate. The co-founders began to trade the capital markets with their own financial software and started working on future WSM robots. The first programming matrix for future WSM Forex robots was created in 2008. A year later, the matrix was upgraded, and again in 2010 the team implemented additional levels of programming into the matrix, reaching a new 3D level matrix.

2011 was a turning point for the company, as partners began selling licenses of the automated robotic software to clients across the U.S. This led to World Systems Market LLc (Czech equivalent s.r.o) to be established in Florida. The company's goal was to continue developing automated Forex Trading robots and expand the systems. Later in 2012, the company World Systems Market LLc entered the European market and the Forex robots were a huge success and rose in popularity across the region. Currently, WSM Bohemia s.r.o. and WSM Slovakia s.r.o. are providing training and distribution services throughout the Eastern European region, primarily in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The WSM Group of companies is rapidly growing and expanding with new subsidiaries. Among the major members are brokerage company Gallant Capital Markets Ltd. and U.S. based trading technology company Visual Trading Systems LLc.

The company then expanded its offering to institutional clientele including banks, financial institutions, brokerage companies, hedge funds, and liquidity providers.  In order to expand the system further, the board decided to enter into the Asian and Russian market in 2014.

In 2014 company World Systems Market LLc (in Czech s.r.o.) was transformed to World Systems Market, INC. (in Czech joint-stock company) and continues successfully with the expansion to other countries in Europe and Asia.

After mutual agreement and compensation of all shareholders, in 2015 Mr. Jiri Kubicek took control of the company World Systems Market INC. He established a new, successor company World Systems Market, Inc. and moved all rights and obligations from World Systems Market INC. Mr. Kubicek continued overseeing all company objectives and decided to move operations to the very center of the financial world on New York's Wall Street.

As WSM Group continues to expand, so too does the robotic software that started it all.  In August 2015 WSM presented new revolutionary software to the world and began selling WSM trading robots with a 5D matrix.  This revolutionary software protects clients by not allowing external parties to copy the inputs and outputs of the trading robot, and continues to serve thousands of clients across the globe.